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Specializing in Hosting
Space Related Businesses

Basic Package - US$ 14.95/month

  • 1 GB disk space
  • SFTP account for 24/7 updates
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • PHP, Perl scripts
  • Your own cgibin directory
  • MariaDb database with unlimited tables
  • SSH (secure Telnet) US$ 5.00/month extra

Investment Package - US$ 19.95/month

The hosting package is the same as the Basic Package, except:
US$ 5.00 per month of the hosting fee is used solely to finance the space business operations of The L5 Development Group. In return for the investment, a matching L5$ 5.00 per month will be deposited into an account at The L5 National Bank, convertible to currency or bonds when The L5 Development Group returns a profit, or such sooner time as its Board of Directors orders.

NOTE: This offering is not listed with the US SEC or any other regulatory agency. At present, it is only offered as a "novelty" item. This will change in the future, and all "novelty" obligations will be honored at that time.

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